Our Mission

Crooked Scoreboard was founded in February 2014, a humble three-man operation based out of Washington DC (much like the Redskins' offensive line). The site relaunched in October 2015 as a sportswriting collective, featuring over 20 writers, comedians, cartoonists, and journalists from around the United States.

Simply put, so many people in sports media have been telling the same old stories for too long. We want to be different. Sometimes we'll be funny, other times we'll be serious. But no matter what we're up to, we want to be memorable in ways that a certain company headquartered in Connecticut often isn't.

Our Staff

Dustin Petzold, Editor-in-Chief (@DustinPetzold) has been described as “ESPN on legs,” probably because he airs so many beer commercials. He has irritated a long list of tennis players by clapping at inappropriate times. In his spare time, he enjoys watching sports documentaries and beating young children at ping pong.

Jaime Alayon, Deputy Editor (@OptimusJaim) is a real, long-time, true-to-life Miami sports fan. Apart from possibly being fictional, his interests include statistical analysis of sports and tracking trends in NBA hairstyles. In 2014, Jaime graduated from George Washington University, where he studied economics and statistics.

Raynell Cooper, Assistant Editor (@raynell_cooper) thinks your favorite basketball player when you were growing up says a lot about you. His was Slava Medvedenko. In addition to NBA benchwarmers, he supports the Oregon Ducks, the GW Colonials, the Chicago Bears, and any minor-league hockey team with a fun logo.

Geoff Young, Baseball Editor (@_GeoffYoung) is a writer based in San Diego. He founded Ducksnorts, one of the world's first baseball blogs, back when fire was still a big deal. He has written for Baseball Prospectus, The Hardball Times, ESPN.com, Padres Public, and other outlets. What he lacks in humor he makes up for in the ability to laugh anyway.

Jason Rogers, Hockey Editor (@HeyJayJRogers) is a writer and athlete from Washington DC. He's lived all over the world, speaks three languages, and has wasted his college degree. You can find him covering the Washington Capitals from the press box, where he is as likely to quote hip-hop as Hemingway.

Mike Moore, Copy Editor (@takomamike55), is a lawyer and journalist who toiled for many years as a managing editor at a legal and business publishing company in Washington DC. Mike is an omnivorous sports fan, but the Washington Nationals and UNC basketball are his dual obsessions. His trusty steed is a 1998 Klein Quantum road bike.

Dani Bostick (@danibostick) only loses if you cheated, or if she let you win. She is campaigning to remove the offensive and judgmental term "fantasy" from the activity known as fantasy football (because it's real, duh). Dani is a graduate of Catholic University, and also writes for Behind The Steel Curtain, FanSided, and Huffington Post.

Fox Doucette (@RealFoxD) is a freelance writer based in Seattle.  He runs the Pace and Space NBA blog and writes Historical Fight Night for the Boxing Tribune.  He has something of an unhealthy obsession with breakfast food and the Indiana Pacers. Silver and blue were his favorite colors even before he got a degree in accounting from the University of Nevada, Reno.

Costaki Economopoulos (@funnycostaki) has been living his dream as a full-time standup comic for 20 years. He has written jokes for Bette Midler, Jay Leno, MTV, and BET. You may have seen him on Showtime, or heard him on Sirius, but you probably know him best from his regular appearances on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show.

Scott Finger (@hockeyscribe) is some dude currently based in Boston. He played soccer for ten years and managed only one career goal, and it came off his ass. He holds the totally unofficial Cambridge Pick-up Street Hockey record for penalty shot goals (one).

Aaron Hodges (@aaronhodges) is the host of the Crooked Scoreboard podcast, The Off-Balance Three. He hails from Lakehurst, NJ, and his favorite sports movie is The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon. Tony Danza’s performance inspired him to try out as a placekicker for the Hartford Colonials. He’s still waiting for them to call.

Lucas Hubbard (@LucasHubbard1) hails from Bar Harbor, ME, and he has heard all of your requisite indoor-plumbing jokes. Thankfully, all of his favorite sports teams are scattered outside of New England, so he’s not completely insufferable. He holds many strong, ill-informed opinions, most of which center on the belief that Mo Speights is an All-Star.

Natalie McGill (@littlenightowl) is a writer and comic based in Washington DC. Natalie performs all over the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, and in any city that will have her on a stage. She is also a University of Maryland-College Park alum and a Baltimore native, which means she is extremely dangerous to be around during Terps and Ravens games.

Bryan Miller (@bmillercomedy) is a Minneapolis-based writer and comedian. He’s appeared on "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" and is a writer for the weekly Quick Snaps podcast and radio segment.

Dustin Nelson (@dlukenelson) is the news editor for The Hockey Writers and is a contributor with Hockey Prospectus, Hockey Wilderness, and Rotowire. He was a writer on the comedy podcast Radio Happy Hour, and a producer on the web series Geocachers. He is also a co-creator of Timesify, winner of the 2014 Comedy Hack Day NY.

Travis Sarandos (@travis_mke) is a very large child and Taylor Swift enthusiast with a variety of correct opinions about food. A baseball lover and Wisconsin sports fan, he is a graduate of Division III powerhouse UW-Whitewater, and currently attends graduate school at Division I lightweight UW-Milwaukee. His writing can also be found at SB Nation's Brew Crew Ball, and on BP Milwaukee.

Mike Simpson (@HFMike) is a fiction writer based in Lancaster, PA, and a sportswriter for PennLive. He reports on everything from the state of modern sportswriting to girls soccer games in Lancaster County. He holds his MFA in fiction writing from Syracuse University, and runs Fetish Brewing Company.

Eric D. Snider (@EricDSnider) is a freelance journalist and film critic in Portland, OR. He also co-hosts a weekly podcast, Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider. Eric doesn't really follow sports anymore, but he grew up in a Dodger family in Southern California and was a soccer goalie for a year when he was seven (because it required very little running).

Max Spitulnik (@mspitulnik) is a freelance writer with a penchant for brown liquor and Michigan Football. Max attacks tater tots the same way Jim Harbaugh attacks life, with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.

Matt Sulva is a native Vermonter based in Washington, DC. He prefers mayonnaise over Heinz on his fries. He is a retired soccer player, a scholar in all things Roger Federer, and an active member of the triathlon bandwagon ravaging our dear country. Matt is familiar with the metaphysical notion of time travel, as he somehow transforms into his 16-year-old self when playing croquet and badminton on lush New England lawns.