It’s Time for a New NFL Combine

With the Scouting Combine over and the NFL Draft fast approaching, the league is already considering modifying its pre-draft evaluation process to include activities and drills more predictive of a player’s ultimate success. While the 40-yard dash and vertical jump are aimed to test a player’s explosiveness and speed, the NFL is right. There are

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The 2015 Year-In-Review Sports Quiz

It’s time for an end-of-the-year exam based on 2015 sports stories. Please put away all cell phones, study materials, and Tom Coughlin autobiographies. 1. Which teams were decimated by injuries during the 2015 NFL season? a) All of them   2. Which of the following is an appropriate response to Serena Williams winning Sportsperson of

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Introducing the New Sport of Dog Parking

Even dogs need to keep in mind that life is a competition. The new sport of dog parking adds a sporting element to something that most dogs just consider fun. Well, fun is for losers, so here are some ways your dog can get and maintain a competitive edge at the dog park:

Sportswriting Prompts for the NFL Offseason

It’s hard to find fresh material during the NFL’s long offseason, which lasts 52 percent of the year. Here are some writing prompts for sportswriters: 1. If you could give your team’s star player a superpower, what would it be? How would this superpower affect his contributions to the game? The superpower cannot involve fire-starting or

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