EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with American Pharoah

As a small blog–I mean, an emerging blog–we have to be creative when it comes to accessing famous athletes. Our many overtures to sport’s legendary figures have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Clayton Kershaw “was busy.” Wayne Gretzky “isn’t accepting interview requests.” Scottie Pippen would prefer if we “left his property and never came back.” Babe Ruth

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Crooked Scoreboard Gives Back

When the Crooked Scoreboard founders were meeting at our opulent headquarters last weekend, we were confronted with a conundrum: What do we do with this mountain of ad revenue that the guy dropped off in a dump truck earlier?

A Personal Tale

Way, way back when I was an 18-year-old in the great state of Florida, I had a realization that would inform many of my future life decisions: if you play enough hands of poker, it’s all math. This is a realization many stat heads have had. Then they go into careers in statistical fields, to

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64 Things You’ll See during March Madness

16 Players You’ll See During March Madness 1. The annoying guard who manages to have a 4.0 and is pre-med, who you probably only find annoying because you had a 2.5 and have popcorn residue in your beard right now 2. The coach’s son who suspiciously gets to take the game-winning shot 3. The really,

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Professional Bowling: The Lamest Sport

Have you ever watched bowling on television? I stop to watch for at least a little bit whenever bowling (or anything a little offbeat) is on ESPN. Usually this happens on a weekend afternoon, when football or basketball games on the broadcast networks have taken up about 99.9% of America’s collective sports interest. With no

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Stadium Music: A DC-centric Primer

Here in Washington DC, we’ve been blessed with teams in each of the four main team sports. As nobody living in DC is actually from DC, there’s sometimes more excitement over opposing teams (think Yankees and Cavs) than there is over the Nationals and Wizards themselves. But if you root for a bad team, you

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