Caption Contest #1: Basket Cases

Each week on Mondays, we will provide an image in need of a caption. You, the reader, should submit your caption in the comments below, on Facebook, or via Twitter (@CrookedScore). We will choose three finalists, including one winner, who will be revealed on Friday. The winner will receive one (1) prize: a mystery box full of CSB swag and other sports-related items. The two runners-up will receive amiable pats on the back (in digital form), and motivational speeches urging them to do better next time. This week's image is below. Good luck! CTX43f8XIAE0a8x.png-large UPDATE: The results are in.. THIRD PLACE: “Carmelo: Kobe, man, you ever think about why we’re here? Kobe: whoooooOOOOOOOAAAAA" - Kieran Shawn (@KieranAShaw) SECOND PLACE: "Carmelo: You ever just like..think maybe passing is an option? Kobe: Calm the fuck down. You're talking nonsense." - Adam Cole (@APCole90) WINNER:  "Carmelo: Man, I should've just stayed in Denver. Life was much simpler back then for a guy like me who longs to just play the game without all the big city distractions of fame, clothing lines, reality shows.. Kobe: Dude, WRONG person to reminisce about Colorado with." - Katie Levisay (@kaytlev)

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    “Kobe, man, you ever think about why we’re here?”

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