LeBron James: The Unfollowing

Get nervous, Cleveland, because your love-hate-love relationship with LeBron James might be nearing another hyphen. LeBron has a Twitter account with which he follows 153 “people,” including GQ and Sprite. You know who LeBron doesn’t follow? @Cavs. (more…)

Respect All, Fear None: A Conversation with Athlete Ally’s Hudson Taylor

Typically, I write dumb (and perhaps mildly amusing) pieces for this website, but I recently had the opportunity to conduct a non-dumb interview with the founder of Athlete Ally, Hudson Taylor. Athlete Ally is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports. In this context, an “ally” is usually a heterosexual person who supports

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ESPN Announces Stephen A. Smith’s Rantland

Our sources here at Crooked Scoreboard are rarely of any use. We don’t break much news or report on many rumors in the sports world. Until today. In response to ex-Grantland boss Bill Simmons’ new multimedia venture The Ringer (probably unrelated to the potentially problematic, but ultimately Special Olympics-approved Johnny Knoxville vehicle), ESPN, as it did

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Canada, Get Your Own Damn Game Show

Many in the land of maple syrup and Celine Dion are up in arms over the fact that “Jeopardy!” will no longer be accepting contestants from Canada. Due to new online-privacy laws, the show claims that it can’t allow folks who live north of the border to take the online test that gets you on the

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