Five More Things the Masters Should Trademark

Last year, The Masters and Augusta National Golf Course actually filed a trademark for broadcaster Jim Nantz’s iconic tournament lead-in, “A tradition unlike any other.” The filing was reported by brand fetishist and bipedal press release Darren Rovell, but it drew little ink elsewhere. But this precedent got me thinking: what other elements of The

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LeBron James: The Unfollowing

Get nervous, Cleveland, because your love-hate-love relationship with LeBron James might be nearing another hyphen. LeBron has a Twitter account with which he follows 153 “people,” including GQ and Sprite. You know who LeBron doesn’t follow? @Cavs.

Respect All, Fear None: A Conversation with Athlete Ally’s Hudson Taylor

Typically, I write dumb (and perhaps mildly amusing) pieces for this website, but I recently had the opportunity to conduct a non-dumb interview with the founder of Athlete Ally, Hudson Taylor. Athlete Ally is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports. In this context, an “ally” is usually a heterosexual person who supports

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