Louisville Basketball’s New Recruiting Methods

There has been quite a hubbub in the sports community after it was revealed that basketball recruiters at the University of Louisville know how to do their jobs. It’s pretty simple: if you give strippers and prostitutes to high-school athletes, they’ll come to your school. Brilliant!

NFL Quick Snaps, Week 6

What was that crazy play the Colts ran? Maybe it counts as a “trick play” because it makes your faith in the coach disappear. I think it was technically a handoff. They handed the game to the Patriots.

Tin Cup Magazine Reviews The Great Gatsby

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Reader in the Clubhouse. I’m forever grateful for all of the fan suggestions that come my way. Your letters, e-mails, and random conversations at Olive Garden are the lifeblood that keeps this column going. There’s one book in particular that I never stop hearing about. “When will

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NFL Quick Snaps, Week 5

The Lions are the only winless team, at 0-5. After the game, the Christians asked the Lions for a rematch. It’s been a tough year all around for Lions. First that dentist killed one, now everybody’s piling on. The Lions are so bad, Disney went back and renamed the movie The Bengal King.

The Devil’s Sports Dictionary (Abridged)

With apologies to Ambrose Bierce. arena (n.) – a palatial structure beloved in part for its displays of human athleticism, but mostly for its $5 Dasani boo (v.) – a low braying noise one makes when one is unable to play any sport skillfully Canseco (v.) – to err egregiously “I can’t watch the Little League World Series,

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