OB3 Ep 19 – Soccer, Placekicking, American Hubris

Fresh from a vacation that lasted half as long as Tom Brady's will, it's the Off-Balance Three podcast. This week's topics:
  • Aaron recounts his many adventures watching the Euros in soccer-mad Italia. Did he go crazy for Conte?
  • It's still hard to believe Kevin Durant is a Golden State Warrior. What does this mean for the NBA?
  • Baseball games famously never end in ties, but what if MLB adopted something akin to penalty kicks? How about a mascot race for all the marbles?
  • The whole wedding invite process can be improved by science. Find out how.
  • Salary caps. Franchise tags. All ball or flagrant foul?
These topics and more on this episode of The Off-Balance Three! -- The Off-Balance Three are Aaron Hodges, Bryan Miller, and Geoff Young. Follow The Off-Balance Three on Twitter @OB3PlaceToBe Follow Aaron Hodges on Twitter @AaronHodges Follow Bryan Miller on Twitter at @realbryanmiller Follow Geoff Young on Twitter at @_GeoffYoung Please rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes. RSS Link (for use in podcasting apps such as Podcast, Stitcher, Overcast, and Instacast): http://offbalancethree.podbean.com/feed/ Direct any and all podcast-related inquiries to: ob3show@gmail.com

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