OB3 Episode 9: Sketchy Guitar Instructors Drink Lemonade with Jake Arrieta in Jail

Rejoice! Your mom's favorite sports comedy trio is back with another rousing edition of The Off-Balance Three. Topics covered in this episode:
  • A fan ran out onto the field to celebrate Jake Arrieta's no-hitter.. and was immediately jailed. Was it worth it?
  • Deflategate is back! (Hooray?)
  • Mark Cuban says Russell Westbrook is not a superstar. Big words from a guy who's not actually Cuban!
  • The Atlanta Braves aren't happy with the condition of their field. Braves fans, on the other hands, just aren't happy at all.
  • Steve Kerr won the Coach of the Year. Does he deserve it? Not like he was ever capable of carrying the Warriors on his back, right?
These topics and more in this week's episode: The Off-Balance Three are Aaron Hodges, Bryan Miller, and Geoff Young. Follow The Off-Balance Three on Twitter @OB3PlaceToBe Follow Aaron Hodges on Twitter @AaronHodges Follow Bryan Miller on Twitter at @BMillerComedy Follow Geoff Young on Twitter at @_GeoffYoung Please rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes. RSS Link (for use in podcasting apps such as Podcast, Stitcher, Overcast, and Instacast): http://offbalancethree.podbean.com/feed/

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