$82,000: A Tale of Extravagance

This article on Chris Christie’s spending habits at MetLife stadium brought back fond memories of the time I spent $82,000 at Camden Yards. $10,000: I walked into the stadium feeling festive. I had dollar-dollar bills in my pocket (and in my briefcase). I was just so excited for the Orioles’ Mid-Atlantic brand of baseball that

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Hut, Hut, Haiku: Poetry Inspired by the NFL Draft

Last year’s Poetry Enrichment for Players program (PEP) has been expanded to include fans. The draft was such a tease. Sunday rolled around, and there was no football in sight. To cope, I participated in the NFL’s Anti-Boredom Haiku Plan for Fans, part of the league’s strategy to make the offseason more interesting, and to

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Ways to Increase Female Viewership of the NFL Draft

Lookin’ Good on Draft Night: Fashion tips and a human-interest story on the tailor behind all of the good looks. One of the networks actually did this last year, and analysis suggests that at least 5 million of the current 45 million female NFL fans are on board solely because of this particular segment.