Bracket Busted Outside Indianapolis Nightclub

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — An NCAA men’s basketball bracket was busted outside of a local nightclub last night, on charges of drunk and disorderly conduct. Harris Parsons, owner of the popular nightlife destination Converted Cornfield, spoke with reporters about the incident.

Why Statistical Analysis Makes Sportswriters Unhappy, or the Wilbon Problem

Earlier this year, David Berri shared his thoughts on why sports fans often disregard, or even lash out against, statistical insights into their favorite players’ performances. Numbers remove the mystery, he said. If a quick glance at some advanced metrics shows that LeBron James is a much more valuable basketball player than Carmelo Anthony, then there’s

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Happy Valentín’s Day

Today, February 14th, the romantically attached celebrate Valentine’s Day. Bleh. Tell me one good thing about Valentine’s Day. Guess what? You can’t. It’s intellectually impossible. Bad things, however, abound:

State of the Scoreboard Address

  Over the past eleven months, we’ve been telling you what we think about sports. But doing the same thing for nearly a year straight, without breaks, can get a little boring. Just ask professional tennis players! That’s why, just for today, we don’t want to talk to you about sports. Not exactly, anyway.