NBC telecast displays digital yardage numbers

Denver’s Snowy Field Was No Match for NBC’s Innovation

For its broadcast of last night’s snow-covered clash between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots, NBC debuted a feature that allowed them to display yard numbers on top of the field when the on-field numbers and yard lines were obscured by all the white stuff.

FantasyWad: New York Edition!

It’s been a busy week in the world of daily fantasy sports, hasn’t it? The attorney general of New York has gone after two of the biggest companies in the industry. DraftKings and FanDuel are being told to cease operations in the state, because they are games of chance and not games of skill. Sucks

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Crooked Scoreboard Presents: FantasyWad

Just like most sports fans, I love gambling using my knowledge to earn money based on athletic performances. So when daily fantasy sports hit the scene, I wanted in on the action. I was excited to see the occasional commercial about people who seem really relatable and nice winning all sorts of money on DraftKings

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Five Lesser-Known Mascot Races

We all know about the Washington Nationals’ tradition of racing presidents, the racing sausages at Milwaukee Brewers home games, and Pittsburgh’s racing pierogis. But a few other stadiums across the majors actually have similar traditions that are a bit more obscure. San Francisco Giants – Jotunrace The San Francisco Giants prove every game that Norse

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An Open Letter to Ichiro Suzuki

1 Steve Bartman Circle Washington, DC 20500 May 7, 2015 Mr. Ichiro Suzuki C/O the Miami Marlins 501 Marlins Way Miami, FL 33125 Dear Mr. Ichiro, I am writing to convey my sincerest apologies regarding reckless and abhorrent behavior that led to an unfortunate incident during your game against the Washington Nationals on the evening

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Slow It Down, Son: Baseball’s Pitch Clock

Baseball is a slow game. The pace of the game is singlehandedly responsible for the sunflower-seed industry’s continued existence, and it’s a game in which announcers talk about a guy getting hit with a piece of pizza for a few minutes and no one complains, because that’s far more interesting than what’s going on with

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