EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with American Pharoah

As a small blog–I mean, an emerging blog–we have to be creative when it comes to accessing famous athletes. Our many overtures to sport’s legendary figures have mostly fallen on deaf ears. Clayton Kershaw “was busy.” Wayne Gretzky “isn’t accepting interview requests.” Scottie Pippen would prefer if we “left his property and never came back.” Babe Ruth

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Five Lesser-Known Mascot Races

We all know about the Washington Nationals’ tradition of racing presidents, the racing sausages at Milwaukee Brewers home games, and Pittsburgh’s racing pierogis. But a few other stadiums across the majors actually have similar traditions that are a bit more obscure. San Francisco Giants – Jotunrace The San Francisco Giants prove every game that Norse

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Sportswriting Prompts for the NFL Offseason

It’s hard to find fresh material during the NFL’s long offseason, which lasts 52 percent of the year. Here are some writing prompts for sportswriters: 1. If you could give your team’s star player a superpower, what would it be? How would this superpower affect his contributions to the game? The superpower cannot involve fire-starting or

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President Obama Forms Emergency Task Force to Save American Tennis

With tennis legends Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi at his side, President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency yesterday, and announced the formation of a task force designed to save professional tennis in the United States. The program, called Foundation Of Our Tennis: Fixing America’s Unconscionable Losing Tradition (FOOT: FAULT) was initiated via executive

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Horford Dedicates Game 5 Victory to Fellow Florida Alumnus

Wednesday night, Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford lifted his team to a key 3-2 lead in the Eastern Conference semifinals, netting the game-winning layup with less than two seconds to play in Game 5. After the game, during an interview with Unfortunately Not Craig Sager, Horford became wracked with emotion when thanking a personal hero.