NFL Quick Snaps, Week 11

The Falcons were undefeated for five games, then lost four of their last five. Birds haven’t gone south like this since… every winter.

They lost to Matt Hasselbeck. He’s old enough to remember when people actually understood the catch rule.

When Hasselbeck was drafted, Andrew Luck was begging his parents for a Furby for Christmas.

A squirrel ran amok at the Vikings/Packers game. He looked good. I picked him up for my fantasy team.


Are we sure Eddie didn’t eat the squirrel? We never saw it again, and Lacy had some great energy late in the game.


Johnny Manziel has been named the Browns starting quarterback, an honor bestowed on just 20 guys in the last 16 years.

Bengals players got stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes at the team hotel Saturday. Doesn’t sound so bad, but it got out of hand when Pac Man Jones “made it rain.”

It’s Thanksgiving week. Colin Kaepernick is thankful he didn’t get that 49ers tattoo.

Jay Cutler is thankful he’s played well enough to keep the Bears from getting a high enough draft pick to replace him.

Brian Hoyer is thankful for something, but he can’t quite remember it.



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