Jeremy Roenick crosschecks other podcasts into oblivion.

OB3 Episode 13: Jeremy Roenick Rides the Rumble Pony

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This week’s agenda:

  • Is NHL ’94 the best hockey video game? If you say “no,” then why are you so shitty?
  • The Miami Marlins, a garbage franchise, are once again doing garbage things. We’ve got the call: all ball or flagrant foul?
  • What was your 1st AOL Screen Name? And would it make a better nickname for the soon-to-be-renamed Binghamton Mets?
  • PLUS We introduce a brand spankin’ new segment: Coach, Play, or Kill
    • Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon, Ricky Williams
    • Jon Gruden, Charles Barkley, Marc Cuban
    • Richard Sherman, Deion Sanders,  Josh Norman
    • Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, OJ Simpson
All of this and much, much more on this week’s edition of the Off-Balance Three:

The Off-Balance Three are Aaron Hodges, Bryan Miller, and Geoff Young.

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