Rookies of the Year

Four Rookies of the Year Who Ended Up Being Really Lousy

Tonight, Major League Baseball’s needlessly protracted awards season enters its final stretch with the announcement of each league’s Rookie of the Year. While the award has been won by future greats like Jackie Robinson, Cal Ripken Jr, and Derek Jeter,  its conferral is not always a sign of things to come. Just ask Bobby Crosby. But since this is baseball, a game

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Bold Predictions for the 2014 MLB Season

The crack of the bat, the fresh green grass, the melodious chirps of peanuts vendors… that stuff is all inconsequential. What matters, what really matters, is someone in my position as a universally respected sportswriter making tough, chutzpah-filled predictions. If you’ve got some money burning a hole in your pocket, take it to Vegas and

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