Unprompted and Unhelpful Running Diary: Kings-Magic

The running sports diary: a useful tool for conveying real in-game emotions in pseudo-real time. A running diary for the Super Bowl? Excellent choice. For the Wimbledon Final? Sure, why not. For an early-season NBA showdown between the 4-9 Sacramento Kings and the 6-6 Orlando Magic, two teams that are destined for mediocrity, or a plateau

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Cousins, 25, hopes one day he'll get the chance to wear an NBA jersey instead of this Kings one.

DeMarcus Cousins Not Giving Up NBA Dreams

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has always dreamed of playing in the NBA. He dreamed it as a child; he dreamed it in college; he dreamed it when he declared for the NBA draft. Yet, despite his best efforts to prove himself a dominant big man, the 25-year-old Cousins remains in Sacramento, where he’s been one

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