Historical Teams That Could Beat the Warriors

With 53 wins through 58 games, The Golden State Warriors hold the best record in NBA history. At their current pace, they could beat the ’96 Bulls’ record of 72-10. So what? They think they’re so great, but there have obviously been so many better teams. Retired NBA stars Stephen Jackson and Cedric Ceballos have

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Cousins, 25, hopes one day he'll get the chance to wear an NBA jersey instead of this Kings one.

DeMarcus Cousins Not Giving Up NBA Dreams

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins has always dreamed of playing in the NBA. He dreamed it as a child; he dreamed it in college; he dreamed it when he declared for the NBA draft. Yet, despite his best efforts to prove himself a dominant big man, the 25-year-old Cousins remains in Sacramento, where he’s been one

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The NBA’s Sterling/Silver Problem

Today’s special guest is Jeff Bayer, a Portland-based (soon to be San Diego-based) film critic who also happens to know a lot about sports. He is the co-host of Movie B.S. with Bayer and Snider, the only movie podcast on the Internet. In his spare time, he enjoys being tall, and beating you in hypothetical

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