The NCAA’s Super Sweet 16

As you are almost certainly aware, the NCAA men’s basketball tournament’s Sweet 16 begins today. You may also be familiar with “My Super Sweet 16,” a program that ran on MTV from 2005 to 2008, and depicted the wild, over-the-top birthday parties of children with preposterously wealthy parents. But what would happen if those two

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Bill Raftery Narrates One of My Romantic Encounters

Nothing evokes March Madness like the sound of Bill Raftery’s high-decibel, catch-phrase-riddled commentary. But you might be surprised to know that he puts in a lot of hours outside of university basketball venues. He’ll do pretty much anything, as long as you provide the microphone and the ham sandwich. So I hired him to follow

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2016 March Madness Anagram Bracket

If there’s one thing basketball fans love, it’s anagrams. So we took the names of all 64 first-round NCAA Tournament teams and scrambled ’em all up. For some of these, we added the school’s nickname, “University,” etc, to make the anagrams better. You may think that’s cheating,  but we’re just saving you from having to

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Bracket Busted Outside Indianapolis Nightclub

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — An NCAA men’s basketball bracket was busted outside of a local nightclub last night, on charges of drunk and disorderly conduct. Harris Parsons, owner of the popular nightlife destination Converted Cornfield, spoke with reporters about the incident.

64 Things You’ll See during March Madness

16 Players You’ll See During March Madness 1. The annoying guard who manages to have a 4.0 and is pre-med, who you probably only find annoying because you had a 2.5 and have popcorn residue in your beard right now 2. The coach’s son who suspiciously gets to take the game-winning shot 3. The really,

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Where I’d Rather Live: A New Bracket Strategy

I’ve now mentioned my mother at least twice in my few writings for this blog. She’s a sports fan, but she’s certainly not your traditional sports fan. She loves the idea of sports, but, with the exception of the few teams she follows, she doesn’t watch much of anything. So when March Madness rolls around,

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