Crooked Scoreboard Introduces “Tacos for Typos” Program

Because we’re headquartered in Washington DC, we at Crooked Scoreboard know a lot about mediocre-to-bad basketball teams and their traditions. We’re all too familiar with the tricks they pull to distract fans from a worsening playoff picture or a 30-point gap on the scoreboard. Nothing puts Wizards fans into a tizzy quite like two free throws clanked off the rim by some scrub from Atlanta, because those two missed free throws mean one thing: free chicken sandwiches for everyone in attendance! We don’t remember what this promotion is called, but we’re pretty sure the word “fowl” is in there somewhere.

Always aspiring to be better than the Wizards (and occasionally clearing this low bar), we’re proud to introduce an incentive program of our own: Tacos for Typos! Look, let’s be honest: the articles are super boring. The best thing about Deadspin is the line of funny heads at the top of the page. And the FDA recently issued an advisory against reading The Ringer’s newsletter an hour before operating heavy machinery. So we’ve found a way to make your experiences with our competitors not only tolerable, but delicious: If you’re on some other sports site and find an article with two or more typos/misspellings/grammatical errors, send us the screenshots and you’ll get a free taco!

If you’ve ever seen a Wizards game, you know not to be passive in your pursuit of tacos. Just as Wizards fans reserve their loudest cheers for a visiting player at the free-throw line, you too can play an active role our rival sportswriters’ slip-ups. Tweet faulty grammar advice at Buster Olney! (We suggest “E before I, except in ‘banana!'”)  Go to Jay Mariotti’s house and throw granola bars at his office window! Tell Bill Simmons that Chuck Klosterman has endorsed a new six-spaces-after-a-period rule! When you see all these guys publicly apologizing for their sloppiness, you can pat yourself on the back, knowing that you made a difference. Just wash your hands first, because salsa stains can be tough to get out of your shirt!

For more on this promotion, please click here. After careful consideration, we have decided that articles published on Crooked Scoreboard are ineligible for inclusion. Remember, they have to have at least two typos. That would nveer happen hear.


Dustin Petzold is the editor-in-chief of Crooked Scoreboard. You should follow him on Twitter.