Fantasy Football Owner Just Happy to Be in League

After a hard-fought 106-94 win in Week 1, Bob’s Fantasy Team sits at first place in the McDougal’s Quality Accounting Office League. But the team’s owner, Bob Lawrence, is not willing to provide bulletin-board material for his opponents.

“Really, I’m just happy to be playing,” Lawrence said in an interview from his cubicle in suite 305 of the Madison County Office Building. “I don’t really like football, but I don’t have a lot of close friends around the office, so it’s nice to be included this time.”

Lawrence’s strategy of picking “guys I’ve heard of” was evident on draft day, but he remained coy about his game plan going forward. “I got Michael Vick in the last round, which is pretty good, I think,” Lawrence said. “I always liked that one guy, Kurt Warner. He was a good thrower, and a real family man. But then I found out that he retired, which is too bad. But fantasy football is pretty fun. The computer gives you little star ratings for your players every week, so that’s nice.”

Lawrence is most excited about the league’s potential impact on his social life outside of the office. “The guys have viewing parties during the games on Sundays, so maybe I’ll host one of these times. I like making pigs in a blanket, and maybe I’ll finally get some of the guys to come down cellar and see my model trains.”

Bob’s Fantasy Team is slated for a Week 2 matchup against Destruction Squad, a team owned by Human Resources Intern Sean Wade. “He’s a nice kid, and I’m glad to have something to talk with him about,” said Lawrence. “I’m hoping he’ll help me get that office bowling league started.”