Loser of the Week: James Harden


James Harden’s Postseason To-Do List

  • Ice cream. Ice cream all the time.
  • Lose Game 1 against the Warriors
  • Visit National Beard Museum
  • Get tickets for AC/DC with Axl Rose
  • Cancel Bruce Bowen tutoring sessions
  • Lose Game 2 against the Warriors
  • Finally play that stupid 2K16 “Livin’ Da Dream” thing
  • More ice cream. Ice cream even more of the time.
  • Buy more cones
  • Win Game 3 against the Warriors so they don’t suspect anything
  • Join book club and pretend to really get Dave Eggers
  • Cedar Point!
  • Open National Beard Museum
  • Lose Game 4 against the Warriors
  • Watch all 87 “Chopped” episodes featuring cancer patients/survivors
  • Alpacas for the backyard
  • Invest in Black & Decker’s new video-streaming service
  • Play Game 5 against the Warriors (I should’ve thought this through more.)


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