NFL Quick Snaps, Conference Championship Weekend

I’m so happy for Peyton Manning. He played so well, Al Jazeera is launching a full investigation.

Tom Brady fared worse in the pocket than a Hershey’s bar.

The last Brady to get knocked around like this was Marcia.


Usually when Arizona loses this badly, John McCain is involved.

At halftime, the state of Arizona decided to let in immigrants. Somebody has to play defense.

Carson Palmer personally had six turnovers. To which Eddie Lacy said, “Mmmmmm, turnovers.”

The Panthers celebrate when they score. There’s pyrotechnics and music and dancing. Then they go find a kid. It’s like a Michael Jackson concert.


The Bills hired a female coach. Maybe she will stop and ask for directions to the playoffs.

She doesn’t want to tell you which play to run. She wants you to know without having to ask.

And the Bills will save money. They only have to pay her 78 cents on the dollar.

Patriots special teamer Darius Fleming saved a woman from a burning car. See that? The Patriots even cheat DEATH.


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