NFL Quick Snaps, Offseason Antics (Plus OJ Simpson)

Okay, the NFL is pretty quiet for the next six weeks. Now’s your chance, soccer! Just kidding, soccer. Sit back down.

The NFL is working constantly all year round, then slacks off for six weeks a year. Also known as a Reverse Trent Richardson.

Trent Richardson needs a knee scope. And he thinks he’ll wind up in the Hall of Fame, so he may also need a brain scan.

Cam Newton says he hasn’t climaxed as a football player. I thought that was Tim Tebow’s thing.

Niners running back Jarryd Hayne says he retired from the NFL in part because of Chip Kelly’s playbook. What a coincidence! That’s the same reason Chip Kelly will leave the NFL.

Bills coach Rex Ryan said they won the offseason, and now they have to win July. How do you even lose July? Wait, ask JPP.

OJ’s friend Al Cowlings said he’d be happy to drive the sample around for a while.

OJ said he didn’t do it and that he’s going to search for “the real father.”

I don’t think he’s the father. I mean, he didn’t kill ANY of them.

OJ is the only guy whose image could be improved by being associated with the Kardashians.

First OJ was a Buffalo Bill, then a murderer. This might be the only way it could get worse.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian and a member of The Cochran Firm. You should follow him on Twitter.