NFL Quick Snaps, Super Bowl Hype Week

Peyton told Belichick this might be his “last rodeo.” I like the idea of a clown coming in to help Peyton get off of the field.

A rodeo is a good metaphor. He’s been a Colt and a Bronco. And his last Super Bowl was over in eight seconds.

There’s a 13-year age difference between Peyton Manning and Cam Newton. Or, as R. Kelly calls it, a good start.

If Peyton Manning wins the Super Bowl, is he going to have the ring mailed to his house but addressed to his wife?

The Super Bowl is 50 this year. You can tell by all of the Cialis ads.

Johnny Manziel had another domestic dispute issue this week. The woman involved referred to him as her “ex boyfriend.” See that, Browns? Even she moved on.


The NFL Honors are Saturday night, and will be hosted by Conan O’Brien. They aren’t like the Oscars. Most of the nominees are black, so it’s okay to get the whitest guy in the world to host.

In 2015 the NFL diagnosed 271 concussions. And that’s just among the referees.


Allen Robinson has high expectations for the Jaguars next year. If you expect a lot from the Jaguars, you are definitely high.

I saw an ad for a Pro Bowl mock draft. If you’re participating in a mock draft for the Pro Bowl, it’s time to seek Pro Help.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian and former rodeo clown. You should follow him on Twitter.