NFL Quick Snaps, Wild Card Weekend

It was such a tough loss for the Vikings, Walter Mondale called to console them.

The kick was so far left, it endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Bud Grant came out just wearing a polo shirt. He didn’t know there was a coin flip. He thought he was being cryopreserved.

Fans in the stands were playing -6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

The NFL inadvertently sent the same message the NRA is trying to send: Nobody is safe at home!

The end of the Bengals game was so ugly, Gary Busey got a commission.

We finally answered the question, “Who dey think dey gonna beat dem Bengals?” The Bengals.


The Bengals management announced they have no plans to fire Marvin Lewis. The Browns management announced they have no plans.

The Chiefs won 30-0. For once, it was pride making Andy Reid swell.

The last visiting team to kick that much ass in Texas was Mexico.

Brian Hoyer led the team so badly, the Texans elected him governor.

hoyer for gov


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