OB3 Episode 15: American Luminaries with Mike Simpson

Mike Simpson is a writer and contributor to Crooked Scoreboard. Earlier this week, he authored a piece about the late Muhammad Ali: “Muhammad Ali: All That’s Left Behind Is An Empty Space.” Here’s an excerpt:

“If we are to assume Muhammad Ali’s legacy is something larger than boxing–if we are to assume his legacy is tied directly to his commitment to human rights, and to the sacrifices he made in order to pursue them, and his commitment to living a reasonably just life–I’m stuck wondering out loud if we can find any tangible proof that his legacy has meant anything to us at all.”

In this episode of the podcast, we invite Mike to elaborate on his Ali thoughts, and explore the greater societal implications of the luminary’s legacy…

And then we cut it with the serious stuff and discuss Larry the Cable Guy, bad tweets, and the anatomy of joke-writing.

Other topics on the docket:

  • Who the hell needs a ballgame when you’ve got a luxury suite?
  • The art of being neighborly: How to coexist with your neighbors so that they don’t set their sprinklers to douse your firewood.
  • J.R. Smith is crowdfunding a reality series on Kickstarter… and he’s doing it during the NBA Finals. Is that all ball or flagrant foul?
  • Aaron Hodges vs. Mike Simpson. Two men enter, one man leaves totally burnt over Larry the Cable Guy.

These topics, as well as other topics not totally unlike them, on this episode of The Off-Balance Three!

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