OP3 Ep 20: Star Trek & Sports Fans: We’re All the Same

More sinister than Aldon Smith’s PR team, it’s the Off-Balance Three podcast.

This week’s topics:

  • Trekkies and sports fans have a lot more in common than you’d expect. The guys discuss the philosophy of being a fan.
  • Draymond Green and the aforementioned Aldon Smith both committed social media faux pas this week. All ball or flagrant foul?
  • You know football season is coming because the news stories are getting weirder. Did you hear Warren Sapp got bit by a shark? Aaron takes this as an invitation to let you know how he’d like to die. Riveting stuff.
  • Also discussed at length: Carbondale, Illinois’s own Treesong, for whom Bryan possesses much reverence.
  • Plus: The MLB trade deadline happened! Geoff rides the Colin Rea express to let’s us know who the winners and losers were.

These topics and more on this episode of The Off-Balance Three!


The Off-Balance Three are Aaron Hodges, Bryan Miller, and Geoff Young.

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