Please Support Our Teammates


In just two days, Crooked Scoreboard will turn one year old. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to walk on our own! But we haven’t made it that far all by ourselves. We’ve relied on an incredible group of guest writers, mentors, and influences to help us keep this project going and growing.

To express our thanks for these awesome people, we’ve added a list titled “Our Teammates” to the right-hand side of the site (scroll down a little, and you’ll see it). Every person, website, or podcast on this list has either worked with, supported, or inspired Crooked Scoreboard in some way.

These entities are not our sponsors; they did not give us money to appear on the list (as cool as that would’ve been). We’re pointing them out to you because we want to, and because they deserve it.

We know you can’t read our stuff all the time. Sometimes, you have to read (or listen to, as the case may be) stuff by other people. And these are some of the people most worth paying attention to. Check them out, say hi, just don’t invade their personal space, okay?

And if you notice a teammate we’ve missed, someone we should be paying attention to, but aren’t, let us know. We always have our ears open for voices that are worth listening to.