Study-Abroad Participant Is Huge Fan of Spanish Futbol

WASHINGTON, DC – Emily Bunning, a junior at George Washington University who spent a semester in Spain this past spring, is now one of Barcelona FC’s premier supporters. Bunning, who earned a C- in Spanish 102 last year, fell in love with the team after watching them in a Madrid sports bar. “I mean, the players are so hot, and the game is so beautiful. It’s an outrage that this country only cares about American football.” As a high school student, Bunning passed through soccer broadcasts on her way to reruns of “Saved by the Bell,” but now shows her appreciated for “Barca” by wearing (or, in her words, “rocking”) the team’s blue-and-red striped jersey.

“Whenever I’m with my friends, we get so into the games,” said Bunning. While her GWU classmates, including Aaron Krish, 21, and Valerie Gold, 22, watched the game intently, Bunning was using her phone to play Bubble Witch Saga, check her credit balance, and send text messages to a man identified in her contacts as “Hot Ass Logan.” (George Washington University has no record of a student with such a name, and Mr. Logan could not be reached for comment).

“I just feel such a profound cultural connection with the players, and it’s just special to be part of a shared cultural experience,” said Bunning, whose favorite Spanish words are reportedly cerveza and tequila. When asked which soccer player she liked best, Bunning responded, “definitely Nadal, because his hair is the greatest.”