The Definitive World Series Drinking Game

The World Series is here! We don’t recommend mixing it with alcohol, because it’s going to be a classic, and you’ll want to talk about it with your kids, and your kids’ kids, and random kids you meet on the street who have no blood relation to you. If, however, you insist on making adult beverages part of your viewing experience, here is the preeminent guide to how those beverages shall be consumed:


  • The year 1985 is mentioned
  • George Brett’s picture with Lorde is shown
  • Someone makes a pun on Brandon Belt’s name
  • Kansas City successfully executes a sacrifice bunt
  • Travis Ishikawa’s NLCS-clinching home run is replayed
  • Raul Ibanez gives an in-game interview
  • Ned Yost is referred to as a “mad scientist” (see also: evil genius, chessmaster, Bill Belichick of Baseball)
  • “Hunter Pence Signs” are referenced or shown
  • Someone says “wild card”
  • Pablo Sandoval is called “Panda” or some variation thereof



  • Bowling For Soup’s “1985” is used as lead-in music to a commercial break
  • Lorenzo Cain misjudges a ball in center field
  • The Yoenis Cespedes trade is mentioned (they still won’t let that go)
  • “This ninth inning is brought to you by ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine'”
  • Madison Bumgarner pitches a non-quality start
  • Raul Ibanez gets a plate appearance
  • Barry Bonds shows up and pretends to care about something other than himself
  • Someone Makes a Sergio/Tony Romo joke
  • Someone says “wild pitch”
  • Nori Aoki is called “Panda” or some variation thereof (because that’s racist, and you should drink to forget that)



  • Either team wears its 1985 throwback uniforms
  • Someone pinch runs for Jarrod Dyson or Terrance Gore
  • Jeremy Guthrie wears a shirt that says “Actually, Now That I Think About It, These O’s Are Mildly Royal”
  • Someone pronounces “Yusmeiro” correctly
  • A fan catches a ball in his or her beer cup
  • Raul Ibanez gets a hit
  • Joe Buck refers to Harold Reynolds or Tom Verducci as Tim McCarver
  • Someone makes a Sergio Romo/Sergio Garcia joke
  • Someone says “take a walk on the wild side”
  • Barry Zito performs the National Anthem


Home Run:

  • A player attains an OPS of exactly 1.985
  • Jarrod Dyson delivers a postgame critique of the CDC’s response to Ebola
  • A Royals fan wears a shirt that says “Meh, I Like The Chiefs Better”
  • An injury results from the collapse of a foul pole
  • Someone says, “If only this were as exciting as the College World Series”
  • Raul Ibanez is named World Series MVP and Commissioner of Baseball
  • Ned Yost is referred to as “romantically linked to Jennifer Lawrence” (see also: Nicki Minaj, Steve Buscemi)
  • Either team hires Jack McKeon to manage Game 7
  • Someone says “wild boars have stormed the field”
  • The World Series is cancelled because we all decide we’d rather watch “New Girl”