And You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here? The Search Terms of Crooked Scoreboard

One of the nice things about running a website is that we get to spy on you. Our web design platform gives us all kinds of data about what you loyal readers are up to while you’re on our site. We know which pages you visit, which links you click, and which flavors of pork rinds you snack on while you’re reading. We also get to see what you typed into your Google machines before you landed on our site. Here are the best of the best:

“animal farm hello learn english iron man the song wait a minute netflix full house” – No, you don’t understand how this works. One thing at a time, sir!

“who is the football player who neglected the shakehand of a small boy this tournament”  – That was me, actually. The kid was eating cotton candy and his hands were all sticky and gross.

“donald sterling’s mistress v soriano a man”

“ever since vince young cussed out his nonsupporting white coach vy has been blackballed” – Ever since Tom Brokaw was a terrible quarterback, he was blackballed from the NFL, too.

“what is the meaning of the ad by the topps company ad for jelly bully what is the meaning” – The meaning is Udonis Haslem is the meaning.

“society doesn’t make sense it’s so unrewarding” – We’re sorry you feel this way! We hope our site changed your mind, but we suspect it did not.

“i need a spell to unite my family june 2014”

“how to become a sponsor for a shoe company” – First you should have an intervention. Then you can take Skechers to an AA meeting, if it’s a willing participant.

“stop watching football – your career prospects are diminishing as we speak…. career in waste disposal?”

“give me a positive and negative of using of scoreboard in basketball” – Positive? You don’t need someone to carve tally marks into the walls. Negative? No kiss cam.

“ordinary style and twingle style sex” – Finally, someone found what what he or she (let’s not kid ourselves; this was a guy) was looking for.