LeBron James: The Unfollowing

Get nervous, Cleveland, because your love-hate-love relationship with LeBron James might be nearing another hyphen. LeBron has a Twitter account with which he follows 153 “people,” including GQ and Sprite. You know who LeBron doesn’t follow? @Cavs.

Historical Teams That Could Beat the Warriors

With 53 wins through 58 games, The Golden State Warriors hold the best record in NBA history. At their current pace, they could beat the ’96 Bulls’ record of 72-10. So what? They think they’re so great, but there have obviously been so many better teams. Retired NBA stars Stephen Jackson and Cedric Ceballos have

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Tennis Is Way More Awesome Than I Thought

Tennis is a game of dorks, right? Wrong, meathead. It’s the toughest sport there is. Why? Because it’s mobbed up and fixed, like all sports were back in the good ol’ days. Corrupt players getting paid off by Italian and Russian gambling syndicates is way more badass than anything going on in the UFC. Here’s

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Donald Trump: Pete Rose’s Last Hope

Pete Rose got into a bit of trouble back in 1989, and after an amazing career in baseball, Charlie Hustle was banned forever. For steroids? Domestic violence? Terrorism? Nope. Good old-fashioned gambling. Worse… gambling on baseball! Even worse…gambling on his own team! Has your monocle dropped into your tea yet? Well, Mr. Rose didn’t just

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Louisville Basketball’s New Recruiting Methods

There has been quite a hubbub in the sports community after it was revealed that basketball recruiters at the University of Louisville know how to do their jobs. It’s pretty simple: if you give strippers and prostitutes to high-school athletes, they’ll come to your school. Brilliant!