NFL Quick Snaps 2016: Week 1

Philadelphia’s entire team looked good, confusing Eagles fans. They had no idea who to boo.

The Browns are the only NFL team without a logo. Or maybe they have one, but it’s invisible. Like their offense.

RG3 is like a new car. He has built-in crumple zones.

Cam Newton said he didn’t remember the end of Thursday night’s game. Nice of him to keep Peyton Manning’s legacy alive.

We’re not sure if Cam Newton had a head injury? Um, did you see him flossing on the sideline?

Hillary Clinton may have a highly contagious case of pneumonia. Don’t worry, Dez Bryant didn’t catch it.

ESPN’s fantasy football app crashed during Sunday’s games. The company hasn’t resolved the issue but has already made two “30 For 30” films about it.

I don’t like the Patriots, but they’re good at what they do. They’re like Kenny G.

Bill Belichick considered standing in solidarity with protesting Patriots, but bailed after he was unable to muster a convincing display of human emotion.

Andy Dalton was sacked 7 times. They beat him like a red-headed step-quarterback.

New Dolphin Arian Foster took a knee during the national anthem. Later the entire Miami defense laid down for the last minute of the game.

AJ Green went to Revis Island and had a great time. Apparently Revis Island is right next to Margaritaville.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian who appears regularly on the Bob & Tom Radio Show and less regularly on the Giants’ 53-man roster. You should follow him on Twitter.