The Stadt Sheet: The Playoffs Are Coming!

The Giants’ epic collapse is difficult to fathom. But it does explain their new sponsorship deal with Jenga.

Farmers in New Brunswick immortalized Jose Bautista’s famous bat flip by mowing it into a cornfield.  Not to be outdone, farmers in Kansas City mowed an image of Bautista watching the World Series on TV.

The Braves said earlier this week they had an interest in Tim Tebow. They made the announcement in their weekly newsletter, “Really, How Much Worse Can It Get?”

A swarm of midges interrupted a game at Progressive Field. Cleveland fans said it was the most aggravating thing they’ve experienced not named the Browns.

According to Wikipedia, midges are tiny insects that are attracted to heat, moisture, and World Series droughts.

The top of the AL East is getting congested. If that race gets any tighter, we’re going to start seeing negative ads.

Thursday marked the 18th anniversary of Mark McGwire breaking Roger Maris’s record. It also marked the 18th anniversary of when most people learned how to spell “asterisk.”


Keith Alberstadt is a comedian who learned what a midge is this week. You should follow him on Twitter.