NFL Quick Snaps 2016: Week 10

Good news for Vikings fans: Your team isn’t going to break your heart in the first round of the playoffs again. Now the bad news…

Newly released Blair Walsh is actually an accurate place kicker. He’s accurately kicked Vikings fans in a very special place.

The Lions had a bye and moved into first place in the division. Appropriate the week we elected a new president for doing nothing.

A Cleveland fan has applied for a permit to have a parade if the Browns go 0-16. They can make the confetti out of shredded season tickets.

The Jets got a touchdown on a “hook and lateral.” First they gave Ryan Fitzpatrick the hook, then they threw a lateral.

The Steelers went for two-point conversions four separate times and didn’t convert any of them. Mike Pence thinks they need conversion therapy.

I think Tony Romo realizes that the sideline is a pretty good place to be when you’re made out of pretzel sticks.

Romo as backup? It’ll be fitting if he does well in a job with “back” right in the title.

Jay Cutler threw a Hail Mary touchdown pass at the end of the half. Which is appropriate, because continuing to start Jay Cutler is kind of a Hail Mary.

Saints Kenny Vaccaro is facing suspension for using the ADD drug Adderall. He denied taking the drug. With suspicious focus.


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