NFL Quick Snaps 2016: Week 7

Case Keenum threw four interceptions in London. With the exchange rate, that’s six.

The Giants’ Landon Collins got an interception, then ran such a long, improbable, circuitous route to the endzone, it looked like Trump’s path to the presidency.

The Browns are 0-7. College teams are reaching out to schedule them for homecoming games.

You don’t need prayer to beat the Browns. You need prayer to watch the Browns.

Jay Ajayi is said to have joined an “exclusive club” of running backs who’ve rushed for 200 yards in two consecutive games: Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, and O.J. Simpson. How exclusive is a club that lets in convicted felons?

Ajayi is running so hard, I can’t tell if he’s trying to escape the opponent’s defense or the Miami offense.

With Rob Gronkowski’s struggles, there is once again talk of the Madden Curse. John Madden was on the first 12 covers, and he’s somehow still alive.

Can we just put Roger Goodell on the cover and get it over with?

Dez Bryant cut his fingers while chopping carrots for soup. He also snapped a couple breadsticks, then realized that those were Tony Romo’s collarbones.

Washington’s Josh Norman got a concussion. Doctors got suspicious when they asked him, “Who’s the best cornerback in the NFL?” and he said, “I’m not sure.”


Costaki Economopoulos is a New York City-based comedian who sometimes plays road games in London. You should follow him on Twitter.