NFL Quick Snaps, Divisional Weekend

The Steelers receivers were so hard to find, Sean Penn is going to interview them.

In an election cycle that features a Clinton and a Bush, of course the AFC Championship features a Manning and a Brady.


Demaryius Thomas’ mom just got out of prison, and watched him play for the first time. She had no trouble getting behind a team that wears orange.

Russell Wilson said this was another test by God. God wanted to see if anybody would watch the second half.

Seattle hasn’t been this embarrassed since Kenny G’s first album.

No wonder the Packers lost. They’re from a state where the governor is opposed to overtime.


Andy Reid was criticized for wasting precious seconds. Weird, he doesn’t look like a guy who misses seconds.

The Rams are headed to Los Angeles. Usually you move to LA, then fail. They’re the perfect team for Hollywood. Every year they just do a remake the same mediocre season.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian living in New York City. Peyton Manning has inspired him to suit up for the 2016 NFL season. You should follow him on Twitter.