NFL Quick Snaps, Week 14

Panthers got the bye. Falcons got the bye-bye.

There are a lot of questions to be answered in Atlanta. Let’s start with: WTF?

Atlanta got torched. Which has been a problem, historically.

The Falcons got everyone excited but aren’t going to finish. Appropriate for a town famous for its strip clubs.

The Rams got a low turnout for fan appreciation day. What did they give away? Flights to LA for next year?

After the game, Jay-Z stopped by the Rams locker room. They got 99 problems, but January work ain’t one.

On the sidelines, Johnny Manziel slammed a tablet against his head. He wasn’t upset with himself. That’s just how he gets a buzz without drinking.

Eric Ebron says the Lions have had to play against the refs every week. You’re 4-9. The refs have been kicking your ASS.



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