NFL Quick Snaps, Week 17

Peyton Manning is the best backup since The Cloud.

The Bills said this was their Super Bowl. They finally won one! Congrats, Bills!

To get to the playoffs, the Jets had to go through Rex Ryan. There’s the problem. You have to go around Rex Ryan.

Rex is happier than a pig in feet.


Niners coach Jim Tomsula got fired after one season. Mike Huckabee would have lasted longer in San Francisco.

The Browns fired their coach and their GM. Their drunk QB in Vegas? Still on the team.

You know the old saying: What happens in Vegas stays in Cleveland.

The Browns are interviewing a Jaguars assistant coach to be their head coach. Sounds like the kind of pedigree they’re used to.

Mike Pettine says there are problems with Manziel that must be addressed. If I were the Browns, I’d put Johnny in a box and address him straight to Dallas.


It’s not too late for Chip Kelly to reunite with Marcus Mariota. Next year, he could be the Titans’ up-tempo waterboy.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian who missed the playoffs despite having a better record than the Redskins. You should follow him on Twitter.