NFL Quick Snaps, Week 6

What was that crazy play the Colts ran? Maybe it counts as a “trick play” because it makes your faith in the coach disappear.

I think it was technically a handoff. They handed the game to the Patriots.

The Colts were penalized on the play for not having 7 brain cells in their heads.

Police stopped to check out a fight between Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend on the shoulder of the road. Even when he’s driving, Manziel is more comfortable on the sidelines.

Those Packers throwback uniforms were awful. I’m surprised Aaron Rodgers didn’t pull a hamstring trying to avoid a mirror.

Clearly the rumors are false. Only a straight guy would wear that.

Philip Rivers’ brother started at QB for his college team. That’s a big age gap. I don’t know the kid’s name, but I’m guessing it’s “Whoops.”

Peyton Manning has been saved by his defense so often that he’s changing his name to Trent Dilfer.

The Broncos got the win, but it was so ugly, Donald Trump said it couldn’t be president.

The two biggest beer companies in the world might merge. Which would make a single company so large that it would advertise more than Draft Kings.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian whose greatest and most famous joke was convincing the Raiders to draft JaMarcus Russell. You should follow him on Twitter.