OB3 Episode 14: Lucas Hubbard & the Dubai Camel Race

Every day is Hump Day when you’re covering the Dubai Camel Race! This week’s agenda:

  • The aforementioned Dubai Camel Race: It’s like the Kentucky Derby of the Middle Easy… just with fewer mint juleps and more ROBOT JOCKEYS.
  • Klay Thompson credits his slick shooting to his lucky Yoda socks. When do the guys stand on athlete superstitions?
  • Carmelo Anthony thinks he can get away with wearing a Yankees/Mets hybrid hat. All Ball or Flagrant Foul?
  • The Wrigley Field ball-hawks: Are there any more shameless grown men out there?
  • A fan said he would eat his shirt if the Warriors beat the Thunder. He followed through. Mmm… tasty.


We welcome a very special guest: Crooked Scoreboard contributor Lucas Hubbard, pictured below in all his Carolinian sartorial splendor. 


At some point in this podcast, Lucas muses on the following:

“I wonder what camels think of other horses. If it’s something they strive to be or if that’s just beyond the reach of what they could ever hope to be.”

You’ll hear this particular musing — and many other musings not unlike it — all on this week’s edition of the Off-Balance Three:

The Off-Balance Three are Aaron Hodges, Bryan Miller, and Geoff Young.

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