The 2015 Year-In-Review Sports Quiz

It’s time for an end-of-the-year exam based on 2015 sports stories. Please put away all cell phones, study materials, and Tom Coughlin autobiographies.

1. Which teams were decimated by injuries during the 2015 NFL season?

a) All of them


2. Which of the following is an appropriate response to Serena Williams winning Sportsperson of the Year?

a) American Pharoah should have won instead.

b) Her cover shot for Sports Illustrated would be sexy if she didn’t look like a man.

c) Congratulations! What a great athlete.


3. Pretend you are Jerry Jones. After you buy a mansion and a yacht, you discover one of your players has blown up at an assistant coach during the game. Which of the following responses is really, really whack?

a) Whoa! That’s messed up!

b) That player needs to calm down and learn some respect.

c) That guy is such a great leader!


4. What is the best way of determining the national champion for college football?

a) Voting

b) Everyone is a winner!

c) A College Football Playoff


5. Which of the following phrases was uttered by Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett?

a) “[Matthew Stafford] is from Dallas and Dallas, they killed the president. It’s where JFK, one of the greatest presidents, died at, so I just have a little hatred towards him.”

b) “I’m the Michael Phelps of eating chicken, man. I’ve got eight chicken medals, man.”

c) “I want to look like the richest homeless person I’ve ever seen.”

d) All of the above


6. Stephen Curry is …..

a) good at basketball

b) everyone’s favorite player ever, except for that time last year when people liked LeBron James

c) Under Armour


7. Female professional soccer players in the United States…

a) earn the same as male professional soccer players

b) won the World Cup

c) have a maximum salary (through the NSWL) of $37,800

d) B and C


8. Tom Brady only plays well when his minions tamper with footballs and he has healthy wide receivers.

a) True

b) False


Dani Bostick is a writer with only three chicken medals. You should follow her on Twitter.

Nate Koehler is an artist and illustrator who got a perfect score on this quiz. You should follow him on Twitter, too.