NFL Quick Snaps 2016: Weeks 11 and 12

NFL kickers missed a record 12 extra points last week. It was like a memorial to Blair Walsh.

Tony Romo says he has Dak’s back, and that Dak has his back. I like the sentiment, but that is NOT a fair back trade.

Maybe Romo meant that he wished he had could HAVE Dak’s back.

The last time a team had both a kickoff return and an interception return for 100 yards? 1962. Way back when Carson Palmer was in college.

LeSean McCoy needs thumb surgery. And Bills assistant Rob Ryan needs thumb surgery too. To have it removed from his ass.

The Falcons won, but they can’t stop anyone. When the fans yell “Defense!” they’re not cheering; they’re making a valid suggestion.

Atlanta’s defense hasn’t improved much since 1864.


The Browns have to decide between RG3, Josh McCown, and Cody Kessler at starting quarterback. And you thought the election was a tough choice…

The NFL is getting closer to forming a developmental league. I hope it’s for emotional development.


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