The Cleveland Browns Guide to Parenting

Chapter 1: Coming up with a Name The Browns were born in 1946, and named after their first coach, Paul Brown. Your kid was likely born later, but naming him or her after your favorite coach is still a great idea. Give a thought to Coach Ignatius “Rusty” Coleman, who made kindergarten fun (and whose

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NFL Quick Snaps, Week 5

The Lions are the only winless team, at 0-5. After the game, the Christians asked the Lions for a rematch. It’s been a tough year all around for Lions. First that dentist killed one, now everybody’s piling on. The Lions are so bad, Disney went back and renamed the movie The Bengal King.

Josh Gordon, Drugs, and the Modern Athlete

As even the casual NFL fan knows, Josh Gordon has a bit of a checkered past. In it, the following things have all occurred: -In 2010, Gordon was found asleep at a Texas Taco Bell with his Baylor teammate, and they were both caught in possession of marijuana. Normally, this would qualify as the least dignified

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