NFL Quick Snaps, Week 5

The Lions are the only winless team, at 0-5. After the game, the Christians asked the Lions for a rematch.

It’s been a tough year all around for Lions. First that dentist killed one, now everybody’s piling on.

The Lions are so bad, Disney went back and renamed the movie The Bengal King.

In the 3rd quarter, the Lions were down 35-7 and brought in QB Dan Orlovsky. “Orlovsky” is Polish for “surrender.”

The Browns won in overtime. Although they beat the Ravens, who used to be the Browns. So, technically, the Browns just beat themselves. As usual.

The Browns’ Gary Barnidge caught a touchdown with his butt. The play has been challenged by Kim Davis.

One Browns player was wearing so many pink accessories, he was flagged for “excessive awareness.”

Andy Dalton beat Russell Wilson. So I guess orange IS the new black.

Greg Hardy is back, and he was really rough on Tom Brady. Further proof that Tom looks like a woman.

The Patriots destroyed the Cowboys. Then Ben Carson said the Cowboys could have beat the Patriots if they just rushed them all at once.


Costaki Economopoulos is a comedian known for his appearances on The Bob and Tom Show and NFL Network. He hosts the Quick Snaps podcast, and you should follow him on Twitter.