NFL Quick Snaps, Free Agent Frenzy

Adam Schefter reported that Colin Kaepernick wants to play for the Browns, further proving that the NFL has to do something about concussions.

ESPN predicts that Johnny will sit for a while. I don’t think he’ll be sitting. He’ll be dancing awkwardly with a champagne bottle.

Does Manziel deserve a second chance? Of course! The question is whether he deserves a fourteenth chance.

They found a knife on O.J. Simpson’s former property. Unfortunately, it was discovered by the Manitowoc County Police Department.

Joe Flacco is now the highest-paid player in the league. Josh Gordon remains the highest unpaid player in the league.

Eddie Lacy is working with the guy who developed P90X. I thought P90X was Eddie Lacy’s shirt size.

You know who would be a good Weight Watchers coach? Charlie Whitehurst. All he does is wait, and watch.

Tony Romo is having a plate put in his collarbone. Unfortunately it’s a commemorative glass plate.


Romo is having what’s called a Mumford procedure. To reduce the odds of another break, they shave down the bone. As opposed to grinding down the team’s confidence in you. That’s called a Manziel procedure.

If you have your collarbone and your testicles shaved, it’s called a Mumford and Sons procedure.


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