A Sportswriter’s Lament

Editor’s Note: Today’s guest writer is Frank Candor, whose book, Tipping is a Sign of Weakness, was just released. This article has been adapted, with his permission, from the unsaved AppleWorks document on his desktop.” Following Sunday’s Super Bowl, I expected to feel relieved. After all, we’d avoided the nightmare of Cam Newton smiling on a

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Manning Pretends to be Undecided on Retirement

When the confetti rained down following the Denver Broncos’ surprise Super Bowl victory, aging champion Peyton Manning declined to announce a decision on his rumored retirement. “I’ll take some time to reflect. I’ve got a couple priorities first,” Manning said as he hefted a fresh can of gas into his old fishin’ boat, QB1. “I’m

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NFL Quick Snaps, Fun in San Francisco

I just flew back from San Francisco, home of Super Bowl 50. And boy, are my arms tired! (From writing that great joke.) I loved it. As a lifelong fan of the NFL, I was like a kid in a candy store. For two weeks, the city was the capital of the football world.