NFL Quick Snaps, Fun in San Francisco

I just flew back from San Francisco, home of Super Bowl 50. And boy, are my arms tired! (From writing that great joke.) I loved it. As a lifelong fan of the NFL, I was like a kid in a candy store. For two weeks, the city was the capital of the football world.


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The “NFL Experience” is a beautifully organized place to take the family. If the Super Bowl comes to your town, it’s a must-do. You can do all of the goofy stuff and take all of the hilarious pictures.

image1 8I tried the Quarterback Challenge. I made two of ten throws. The Cleveland Browns told me they’d be in touch.

They have the Lombardi trophy, but it’s under a glass case. So you can get really close, but not quite touch it. It’s like being a Buffalo Bill.

Then I tried the Johnny Manziel Experience. I was hung over for two days.

At the NFL shop, you can put your name on the back of a jersey, but the program maxes out at 12 letters. Just another case of keeping the Greek man down!

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Naturally, I went to Super Bowl Opening Night. It’s the traditional Media Day, now flexed into primetime.

There was a lot of serious journalism happening.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog couldn’t make it, so he sent a disappointing substitute.

I talked to maybe 20 players, including Jonathan Stewart, Demaryius Thomas, Greg Olsen, Aqib Talib, and Thomas Davis. They’re all coached really hard not to say anything that becomes a headline or a distraction. But nobody can squash their excitement. Their childhood dreams are coming true this week. It’s really an amazing thing to behold.

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The other highlight for me was Radio Row. Some 200 radio stations from across the country come to set up their live shows for the week, all in a single room. Big shots from across the football universe (and me!) weave through interviews. You literally end up rubbing shoulders with the likes of Matt Ryan and Jerry Rice as you make your way around.

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I appeared on about 20 radio stations with Quick Snaps. Raleigh, Denver, Melbourne, Armed Forces Radio, etc. My favorites were Mark Schlereth and Woody Paige (the most affable, lovable, crazy guy in the world).

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The whole thing is a little like NFL fantasy camp. I got to talk to some of the giants of the game. I enjoyed one of the world’s best cities. I hung with radio friends. And I had a blast. Feeling very grateful. I guess there’s only one last thing to say: Go Broncos!

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