NFL Quick Snaps, Week 8

The Chiefs beat the Lions 45-10 in London. Usually when you get beaten this badly in England, you’re in the stands at a soccer game.

How did the Lions get home? You can’t bring a dumpster fire onto a plane.

In the Giants/Saints game, there were 14 TDs. Or, as the 49ers call it, two seasons.

That game was such a nail-biter, Jason Pierre-Paul lost two more fingers.

Reports say Andrew Luck has cracked ribs. To which Eddie Lacy said, “Ribs…”

This week Geno Smith got punched in the mouth the old-fashioned way: by the other team.

Colin Kaepernick says he doesn’t play the game for money. I sure hope it’s for exercise, because if it’s to win, he’s not happy.

Matt Cassel says Dez Bryant is bringing energy to practice. I’m pretty sure that’s what got Michael Irvin into trouble.

Before the Patriots game, a Dolphins linebacker said, “I would run through anything for Coach Campbell. A brick wall. A cement wall. Anything.” Okay, how about a block?

Reggie Bush tore his ACL on the sidelines. Be careful, Johnny Manziel!

In spite of the injury, Bush is still the healthiest Kardashian ex-boyfriend.


Costaki Economopoulos is a standup comedian who has brought energy to every performance for 20 years. You should follow him on Twitter.